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The pandemic seen by those who live on a boat, between bureaucratic vicissitudes and adventurous navigations, faced with the deep bond of the two protagonists. Dream landings over three thousand miles under the keel (six thousand kilometers), between Italy, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. Bays and marinas where Denecia was almost always the only boat following the lockdowns.

"Unique book that tells the pandemic from the boat, a fundamental piece for analyzing the events. It is a book that makes you angry, this is the truth, because you think that to live on a boat you have to be rich and, instead, Roberto and Michele sweat every mile they do boating. They have no privileges other than freedom. Angers this book that questions our every choice. Because before the pandemic it was a daydream, now during the pandemic, it seems to be the only possible form of survival moral and ontological: living the dream ".

Sergio Nazzaro

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