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Denecia's is the first autobiography in the world written by a sailboat. He tells of his birth, his travel companions, their loves, their passions and their misadventures. But also the wonderful places he has known, obviously always seen only from where a boat can see them: from the sea. More than eighty thousand kilometers of water, from England to Greece, passing through France, Corsica and Sardinia.
Denecia's reflections on us human beings are disenchanted, they dig into our soul and pierce it. He tells the world with merciless clarity from his perspective, as if he were an extraterrestrial. And somehow it is, living in another dimension, the aquatic one. His autobiography is a story between fable and reality, a novel freely based on some events that have happened. A novel of sea and love, which tells three stories, one after the other over the span of twenty years on the deck of that boat. The background of the protagonists is love for the sea, for sailing and for life, in all its manifestations.

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