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A boat and a cello, nothing more. The discovery that there is a harmony between music and sailing
perfect. Roberto Soldatini, conductor, composer and cellist, has decided to do
home from the boat and set sail for the East in the company of 'Stradi', his cello. A journey, the one aboard Denecia, which led him from Italy to Istanbul landing in the most beautiful islands of the Aegean, to discover a magical and ancient world, welcomed by the smiles of simple and wise people, bewitched by the beauty of the places and enriched with new friendships.
An extreme choice lived without emphasis, but with inexhaustible curiosity. Thus the journey becomes exploration, an opportunity to meet, to discover oneself and one's limits. Day after day, the musician turns into a sailor. And the boat becomes his world.
The music of the sea is the story of a unique choice to drop moorings. That of a musician who has not put his past aside, who continues to perform concerts and teaches at the Conservatory, but who has chosen a new lifestyle, and proudly shows the identity card that, first in Italy, he carries as address the quay of the port of Naples where Denecia is moored.

“The sound of the wind, the sound it generates by inflating the sails or making the shrouds and halyards vibrate, the sound of the waves breaking and the sound of the hull plowing through them. All this is already a music, with its rhythms, its melodies, its polyphony, its harmonies. You have to listen carefully to the music of the sea. Only when you have it inside you can reproduce it, in some way, by playing, composing.
Thus returning to be part of nature, of the universe, of everything.
What the ancient Greeks had intuited ”.

Book winner of the 2014 Marinkovich prize for literature and winner of the prestigious Prix ​​Albatros 2017 with the French translation "La Musique de la Mer" edition Zeraq (it is the first time that a non-French person has won the prize)

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