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After La musica del mare, the new adventure of the cellist and conductor who has chosen to live on his sailing boat. For five years Roberto Soldatini has alternated six months in port in the city that adopted him, Naples, and six months of solitary sailing in the Mediterranean, together with an exceptional companion, a three hundred year old cello.
And this is the story of his new, long route in search of harmony and beauty, through history, culture, music, the heart of the people of the mare nostrum. An opportunity also to reflect on our individual and collective life.
A journey of six thousand five hundred kilometers of water passed under Denecia's keel. From Tyrrhenian Italy to Ionian Greece, the crossing of the Gulf of Corinth to the Aegean, the
circumnavigation of the Peloponnese, then the ascent of the Adriatic following the coasts of Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, up to Trieste, to participate alone in the historic Barcolana, the most crowded regatta in the Mediterranean.
A route not predetermined, but plotted following the wind, with the awareness that the rhythm of nature always dictates the path, and sometimes destiny. Almost one hundred stops, new landings or nostalgic returns, to compose an exciting logbook that is also a guide for a different way of traveling and going to sea.

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