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R oberto S oldatini

Come le maree - Roberto Soldatini -

Roberto Soldatini solitary navigator alternates between six months of navigation and six months of wintering in the port of Naples in his boat-house

His travel companion is a three-hundred-year-old cello, Stradi, who transforms the belly of his boat into a soundbox of the soundbox. RobertoSoldatini is the official website of the conductor, cellist and writer who, at the turning point of his fifties, decided to get rid of those stones from his pockets that prevented him from making a leap and launching upwind towards a new dimension.

To make the leap, he sold his house and bought a Moody 44 in England, which has been his only home for seven years, freeing himself of all the trappings that weigh down his life, in search of the essential, of himself and of harmony.

And what better place than in the sea?

"Out of the invisible prisons"

is the modus vivendi of Roberto Soldatini cellist who observes the "condom society" from the outside, as he also defines it in his books where "now nobody wants to risk anything anymore, living in the illusion of being able to 'insure' their existence against any risk and to live in a protected area, where the only real risk is not wanting to take any risks .. "

In his singular choice of life he was the first Italian to take up residence in a boat, and he chose to do so in the city that more than any other inspired him that harmony that reminds him of Greece: the city of Naples.

Roberto Soldatini holds the chair of cello at the music conservatory and has written three books that talk about the sea, osmosis between sailors, and freedom. Winner of two literary awards.  


Roberto Soldatini, writer, was an adventure that began for fun. The first book "La Musica del Mare", born from the logbook for friends, wins two literary prizes and from there the journey of the solitary sailor found new landing places and new routes to experiment ..

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